Manipulate text and data with light-weight patterns

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Manipulate text and data with light-weight patterns

You can be more awesome at your job by keeping this tool always within reach.

NimbleText is a text manipulation and code generation tool available online or as a free download. It magnifies your ability to perform incredible feats of text and data wrangling.

You should download NimbleText right now. It's free. No time limits.

Download NimbleText

Or, you can use it online, no download required (but fewer features than the free download).

Here are 31 examples of Text Manipulation that you can perform right now, in the online interactive tool.

NimbleText removes the hard work from repetitive writing and repetitive editing.
It takes the drudgery out of repetitive data manipulation and puts you in control of the text you are manipulating.

If you purchase an upgrade (under $20 for a regular user) you unlock the professional features and NimbleText takes you to the next level.

The upgrade gives you filters ('where' clauses) so you can be more selective about your text manipulation. It also allows you to fully automate NimbleText from the command-line, and provides many other benefits that turn it into a more versatile part of your data-crunching toolkit.

Loved by Scott Hanselman

Scott Hanselman is a software developer

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who knows a thing or two about great tools. He's downloaded and used pretty much every piece of software on the internet and Scott's giant list of tools (at is widely read and used by developers everywhere. What does he think of NimbleText? Scott rates NimbleText as one of his "BIG TEN LIFE AND WORK-CHANGING UTILITIES"


NimbleText – Regular Expressions are hard and I'm not very smart. NimbleText lets me do crazy stuff with large amounts of text without it hurting so much.
Scott Hanselman

Stop! Wait! What's all this about Regular Expressions?

Did he mention regular expressions? Regular Expressions are hard. NimbleText is secretly powered by regular expressions, but YOU DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT. You don't have to know a single thing about regular expressions to be an expert at using NimbleText.

Let me give you a metaphor. You can sit on a fine timber chair without being an expert carpenter. Similarly you can get the benefits and power of regular expressions without actually writing them yourself. This is called the Zen of NimbleText.

Free your mind and your text will follow.

Years of Work

Almost a decade of work has gone into NimbleText. It was initially a very simple tool called 'The Programmers Mate'. In the 10 years since then it has been completely rewritten many times and continually refined and sharpened. It is a labour of love between man and keyboard.

Every time I catch myself performing a repetitive task I stop and assess the situation. Nine West Women s Forli Bőrszárú Nine Könnyű Szandál Könnyű B00JPWUKGS természetes bőr b5c6e7d This is my curse and this is also my gift to you. NimbleText is the product of that continual analysis of the repetitive nature of the work we're all performing.

On top of that I have many years of Engineering experience, bringing rock-solid products to market, and carefully fine-tuning every aspect of the product to make it dependable, comfortable and well-balanced. NimbleText, in the hands of a user, should have the same easy nature as any hand-crafted tool from a master craftsman.

I just created 250 SQL insert statements from an excel file in a few seconds with NimbleText. This is a great tool!

 Daniel Worthy via Twitter

Database Professionals, NimbleText is for you!

NimbleText is great for generating SQL statements. If you write a lot of SQL, then this is a vital tool.

Need to generate an insert statement? NimbleText has you covered. Want to make an update statement?

Or to run one query against many tables?

I bet you do! You do that all the time, and so does NimbleText!

Give those tired fingers a rest, let NimbleText do the boring repetitive stuff, so you can get on with the thinking!

Software Developers, You'll Love NimbleText!

No matter what language you write in, NimbleText speaks your language.

NimbleText generates Javascript, it generates C#, it generates Java, it generates Nine West Women s Forli Bőrszárú Nine Könnyű Szandál Könnyű B00JPWUKGS természetes bőr b5c6e7d Ruby. You know the secret already: code is just text, and NimbleText manipulates text with less effort and greater versatility than any tool around.

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Want to transform a list of column names into a class definition? NimbleText can do that.

Want to reverse a bunch of assignments? No sweat.

Want to format a bunch of numbers into an array, or bind members of an array to a series of controls: those little bits of repetitive code that crop up all the time are best done with NimbleText.

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You don't get paid the big dollars because you manipulate text, you get the big money because you think clearly, solve real problems and add real value.

So hand the text manipulation and the monkey work to NimbleText. It will free up your wonderful brain to do the unique and special things you do so well!

Data Analysts, NimbleText is the solution!

You're the clever-clogs who turns the company's messed up data into something meaninful that gets the big bosses excited.

And you know the data doesn't turn up all neat and ready for crunching. It has to be formatted, and filtered and sorted and beaten into shape before you can even begin to make head or tail of it. That's where our Nimble friend comes in!

Need to grab the fifth column, but only in rows where the third column is empty? Messy little jobs like that happen all the time. Put NimbleText to work, and the messy data you're receiving will be ship shape in a flash!

Spreadsheets Getting You Down?

The enterprise sure does love its spreadsheets! And you're the girl or guy they call when the problem is too tricky for their own spreadsheet skills.

Whether it's mistreating text as numbers, or insisting that a number is a date, spreadsheets are often the wrong tool for the job. NimbleText has versatile date formatting features, and other goodies to get the job done.

This Is Serious TADMAP!

When you want to perform some serious TADMAP, you need a tool like NimbleText that excels at TADMAP

(What's TADMAP? Text and Data, Manipulation and Processing of course!)

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If you use and enjoy NimbleText, don't keep it to yourself. Tell your friends. Tell your colleagues.

If you haven't downloaded NimbleText yet, you should download NimbleText right now.

If you don't want to download it, then go ahead and use the online version. Bookmark it, come back again and again. A lot of people do!

Download NimbleText Worry free purchase

If you're not satisfied, for any reason, within 90 days you get a full refund, period, no questions asked.

We don't want your money if you're not amazingly happy.

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Desktop License $35.00
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NimbleSET 2142776

Need to compare two lists? NimbleSET is the tool for you!

NimbleSET is the perfect companion to NimbleText. It's a simple tool for quickly comparing lists, in a Venn-diagram like way.

Better Together

You can now get both NimbleText and NimbleSET, for one low price!

The NimbleBundle combines NimbleText with NimbleSET, in a single package. Get it now:

Nimble Bundle
NimbleSET + NimbleText Desktop Licenses
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and screencasts as well

master the art of data taming

Compare two lists with NimbleSET
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